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CHIPS Quartet Singing Valentines 2000

CHIPS Singing Valentines 2000

The CHIPS Quartet delivered about 25 Singing Valentines in the Chippewa Valley on Monday, February 14, 2000. This was their sixth year in a row (seventh for Tom and Jerry). And now, thanks to the wonder of the modern digital camera (and their loyal chauffer Keith Tompkins), they were able to capture the special moments in pixels for your viewing pleasure.

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Gotta start the day right with their annual stop at Bake and Brew for cinnamon rolls and coffee!

Who liked it more, Luann Wischnewski, or the budding ballerinas?

She got her singing valentine at Chi Hi despite the drug-sniffing dogs that day!

Faith got her Valentine at the Eau Claire County Courthouse

Tom Kell, president of Kell Container,
didn't seem to mind a brief musical
interruption in his meeting!

Kevin Mason looks like a student,
but he's actually the TEACHER
at a Chi-Hi chemistry class

Libby Krause enjoyed her fifth Singing Valentine (way to go, Stu!)

How could they pass up singing "Hello, Mary Lou" to the owner of Bake and Brew and Foreign Five, Mary Lou Pulver?!

The quartet couldn't resist singing a couple Valentines songs for the nurses at the maternity ward at Sacred Heart hospital, where baritone Tom had helped deliver Baby 5.0 just nine days earlier.

The senior choir at Memorial H.S. is
on the permanent CHIPS agenda
for the next 25 years!!

No hallway is too narrow for the mighty CHIPS quartet to sing in! ;-)

Beth Passint was caught watching
her kids at the YMCA pool

Pat Schultz is quite popular with
her co-workers since her wonderful
husband orders a Singing Valentine
every year for her!

Steve Olson, president of
Huffcut Concrete, even sang
along on the bass part.

Susan was surprised at her nurse's
station at Sacred Heart

Rod Larson, host of WWIB (103.7FM),
has invited the CHIPS quartet in for
live Valentines Day broadcast each year since 1994.

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(133 images in this set)

(133 images in this set)

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