Anne O'Brien, a beautiful 22-year-old art student at UWEC, tragically lost her life in a hit-and-run accident on Sunday, August 3, 2003.

Anne's dad, Jerry O'Brien, is the tenor in my quartet, CHIPS. Jerry loved his daughter very much, and I wanted to create a quick web page with a few of the digital photos of Anne that I happened to have.

Anne loved music. In 2000, she came along with her brother and her dad and the rest of the CHIPS quartet to the SPEBSQSA International convention in Kansas City.
I always gave Anne a hard time about her pierced tongue. Here she shows it off in Kansas City, and then proves that it is no longer there a couple years later.
While delivering Singing Valentines in 2003, we made a surprise stop to deliver a "freebie" to Anne while she was working the front desk at Highland Fitness Center in Eau Claire. She absolutely loved it, and I am very thankful we took the time to do that.
This is the last photo I have of Anne, and the last time I saw her -- her father giving her a pin for Valentine's Day. My heart breaks for my friend Jerry and the overwhelming pain of this loss. :'-(

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